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Goodbye TWC Business Class, You Won’t Be Missed.

This is a re-post of my recent article on LinkedIn – – Enjoy! I would have written this out as a simple news feed post, but LinkedIn claimed I went over the 700 character limit. (It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!) In any regard, here are my thoughts on why we switched from TWC Business Class Fiber. If…

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My Go To Collection of .Net GIS Libraries

For all you .NET wonks out there, I had some serious trouble finding the solution that fit my business (CitySourced – when it came to processing geo spatial elements. Yes, there’s the SQL Server 2008 and their new spatial types (which I use as well), but there was nothing that allowed me to work with geo spatial elements directly…

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Using Redirect and EndResponse in Azure Crashes the AppFrabric Load Balancer

Now that CitySourced is on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services, I’m a huge fan of what it offers both developers and startup companies. That being said, I wanted to put a quick note out there about a fix to a bug I found to help spread the knowledge I’ve gained getting into the nuts and bolts of it. With CitySourced, the…

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