Going to the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa? Don’t Wast Your Time or Money – We Got Ripped Off!

I’m pretty upset at our situation here on Maui, so I’ve decided to write a post. This is one of the beautiful things about the internet. It gives everyday people the opportunity to voice their opinion and actually get it heard. Enough of my babbling… Here’s my review.

We got a great package deal (airline, hotel, car) on Orbitz for what we thought was a great price. We booked our vacation well over 3 months in advance. After arriving at the hotel, my wife and I were told that the ocean front room we booked (and specifically upgraded to) only had two (2) double beds, not the king size bed we had specified. Say what?

Well, it turns out that this hotel does not “guarantee” the bed type requested, and since this hotel was at capacity we were simply out of luck. What’s the point of requesting a bed type if you’re not going to get it? I definitely would NOT have booked the room had I known this (they know this too which is probably why they don’t tell you). The woman at the front desk – Krystle – was of absolutely no help either. She simple went through the standard script and wouldn’t give any reasonable explanation as to why they have this insane policy. Customer service? Major fail.

Oh yeah, the ocean front we upgraded to? Not an ocean front in my book. We can barely see the water from our balcony. And to top it off, our refrigerator is broken and one of our lights keeps flickering.

My advice to you – if you want to guarantee you get a king bed (or any bed size specification for that matter), go somewhere else. The Westin next door is amazing. We’re booking there on our next trip.