Goodbye TWC Business Class, You Won’t Be Missed.

This is a re-post of my recent article on LinkedIn – – Enjoy!

I would have written this out as a simple news feed post, but LinkedIn claimed I went over the 700 character limit. (It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!) In any regard, here are my thoughts on why we switched from TWC Business Class Fiber.

If you need business class internet, steer clear of TWC/Spectrum. While their fiber service is fast and reliable, their customer support is non-existent. We had been a customer of theirs for over 6 years, paying out almost $90,000 (~$1200/month) their policies when trying to upgrade service didn’t work for us at all. To increase our bandwidth even 10Mb required either: 1) a significant price increase; and/or 2) a long term commit (extending our already long term agreement). After researching the market and meeting Terry Koosed from Bel Air Internet at a CEO event, we decided to go with their service and have been stoked from day one. Now we get more bandwidth (5x more) and a lower monthly price.

One final complaint with TWC/Spectrum is that their “Enterprise Account Manager” role really isn’t a manager role. They’re essentially sales people. At no time during our tenure was I asked how things were going. And the only time I did need support (to cancel), the AM said he couldn’t do it – it was against company policy. So I had to jump on the phone and waste 20 minutes of my time, giving out my account number too many times to count to everyone I got transferred to. Time is money, and I just spent a fortune when an email would have sufficed.

Goodbye Time Warner Cable Business Class. You won’t be missed.