Up to Bat at the 2009 California Republican Party Tech Summit

So my partner, Kurt Daradics, has lined up some really strong power intros into the California Republican Party (which is pretty insane, if you ask me). We had a great lunch with Matt Robbins, their political director, on Wednesday and he’s asked us to come up to their first annual tech summit and speak as to what we’re up to with FreedomSpeaks. We’re both really stoked on the reception our product is getting, and we’re excited to be an integral part of this new “Government 2.0” initiative (cheesy, I know). Supposedly, there are going to be some heavy hitters at the summit tomorrow – Newt’s Director of New Media, the NRP’s Director of Media, and a handful of others. I’ll let you all know how it goes!

On a similar note, we’ll be pushing out our CitizenCamp concept soon – probably middle summer launch (maybe July 4 ~ish). The elevator pitch on that one is “online plus offline equals streamlined”. We are basically trying to take the concepts of FreedomSpeaks and adapt them to the offline world – taking our online social circles offline to greater impact civic and social change. We’ll have how to’s on any number of things – from how to start a petition to getting an initiative on the ballot to strategies on getting involved. Ultimately, we want people to give a damn. It’s time to wake up the neighborhood, y’all!

Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to contact me if you would like to get involved.