Moving Just Plain Sucks

My wife and I have been wanting to get out of our condo and move into a house with a nice big back yard for our dog, Gus. We found a great house, and we got the keys on Saturday. Moving day was yesterday (everything but our home offices as there’s no internet at the new house), and even with movers, the day was an absolute drag. A serious shout out must go out to Angela’s parents, who helped out every step of the way. Now we’re moved, but it’s still not over. We get to spend all of this week unpacking the boxes! Next week it will be time to move the offices. Oh, the joy of life. 🙂 I won’t complain though (even though I think I just did). I am extremely grateful that I have a solid roof over my head! Summer is almost officially here, so a BBQ will definitely be in order. I’m going to go get my grilling apron on just to get into the spirit of things.

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