My Go To Collection of .Net GIS Libraries

For all you .NET wonks out there, I had some serious trouble finding the solution that fit my business (CitySourced – when it came to processing geo spatial elements. Yes, there’s the SQL Server 2008 and their new spatial types (which I use as well), but there was nothing that allowed me to work with geo spatial elements directly in my .NET application. We’re now using ESRI’s ArcGIS 10technology for a lot of the heavy lifting at CitySourced, but there is definitely a need for doing some of this in-application.

That being said, I’ve collected the libraries that were most useful to me and zipped them up. I’m doing this because the library I’m most fond of was the most difficult to find and get working – SharpMap 2.0 beta.

Download my .NET_GIS_Libraries

In addition to the download, I’ve decided to add links to all my favorite websites. Enjoy!

And a great how to blog for SharpMap 2.0 – a must read!

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