Saying Goodbye to My Yahoo! Email Account…

So I, like many other tech enthusiasts, have a million email addresses. I had been using my Yahoo! email address as my personal email address for years, but I’m finally fed up with it, and I’ve set up my auto-responder to let everyone know of my new address (yes, it’s a Gmail account). Why would I go through all that hassle and make the switch to Gmail? Well, if you have to ask that, you obviously haven’t use Gmail. First off, my Yahoo! account didn’t play well with my iPhone, constantly showing me emails that I had deleted from the mail interface days earlier. Second, every time I’d go to the web mail interface, I’d be inundated with ads. Ads everywhere. I suppose that’s what I get for signing up for a free service, but Gmail’s approach is much more acceptable in my opinion. Finally, I don’t think Yahoo! is going to be around all that much longer. I haven’t seen any innovation coming from them, and all I read about in the news concerns their impending doom.

So now that I’ve made the decision, I wanted to move all my existing mail from Yahoo! to Gmail. Simple, right? Not nearly. After about an hour online and trying a few different approaches (IzyMail and ZPOPs – both didn’t work by the way), I came across a blog that explained how to do it. Once I followed the instructions, I was able to bring all my email into my Gmail account (via their POP import feature) in about five minutes.

What was this glorious solution? I switched my Yahoo! account to a Yahoo! Asia account. Apparently, Yahoo! Asia allows their users to access their email via POP3 (in the US, you can do the same but Yahoo! wants you to fork over $20 / year).

So there you have it. If you want to bail on Yahoo! and still have all your email in your new Gmail account, you can. And you can do it for free. Hit me up at my Gmail account if you have any questions – [email protected].

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