Why We Bailed on SugarSync (and Moved to Box)

At my company CitySourced, collaboration is key and for a long time we were die hard Dropbox users. They have a spectacular product from a consumer point of view, but as we grew, it was clear their product would not work for me and my team in the long term. Yes, I’m aware that they have a Dropbox for Teams. But that product is really just a half-baked attempt at addressing the real needs for an enterprise. All that being said, we looked to evaluate a couple other platforms – SugarSync, JungleDisk and Box. We went with SugarSync because of: 1) price and 2) user administration features. SugarSync was a complete epic fail because it didn’t work. The one thing it was supposed to do, sync, it didn’t do consistently. Folks on my team were constantly complaining that they weren’t getting the files others were adding, and I wasn’t seeing files they were adding. And to put icing on the cake, their support was horrendous. They would close out trouble ticket issues within 48 hours if there was no response. Fail. They would close out trouble ticket issues if the sending email didn’t match the account. Double Fail. (Our exchange server uses a {firstname.lastname} convention, but we all use the {firstname} convention when signing up for services) Now I’m sitting on hold for chat service. Triple Fail. Yes, you read that correctly. Chat. They don’t even have a telephone support line. At least if they do, I couldn’t find it on their website (and I looked hard).

The bottom line for us was that the product didn’t work, and they didn’t support it anyways. I’m a very busy guy, and I don’t have time to wait 10 minutes in a chat queue so a call center agent in India (or wherever) can run me through a script. Of course, I probably wouldn’t have to wait that long if their product worked in the first place.

We’ve since moved on to Box and I have to admit, the service is working pretty well. It’s syncing (albeit a little slow for my tastes) and the user management seems to work very well. We’re also allocated 1TB of storage. All in all, I’m happy with it so far. If things do go south and we have to bail on Box, I’ll be sure and write a post on that. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


I’ve just gotten off my chat session with SugarSync customer support (after my 10 minute wait), and they’ve now told me to call in. ┬áNice. I wanted to call in at the beginning, but couldn’t find the number on their website. For anyone reading this, please take note. SugarSync’s customer service telephone number is: 877-784-7962. If you’re outside the US, you can call: 650-356-6356

I’m glad this catastrophe is behind me. Sheesh!

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