Government Transparency Is An Attitude

The current regime of Senators and Congressmen(women) need an attitude adjustment. I read recently that there is on OpenCongress' Blog that there is a Senator blocking the nomination of the watchdog protecting our $700 Billion bailout of the financial industry. Why would this person want to remain in secrecy? My guess is that he's got some big banking lobbyists backing him up.

The report goes on to say that Senator Jim Bunning is the one that is suspected of blocking the vote. He's quoted as saying, "I wonder why taxpayers should have to pay $50 million to a watchdog who will have nothing to watch."

Maybe someone should write this guy a letter and "encourage" him to get off his high horse and start representing the people that elected him. It's attitudes like this that upset so many Americans. He's basically said that we should just "trust" the financial community with the $700 Billion. Yeah right. I'm going to settle for some accountability and transparency.

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