Civic Apathy & Disengagement is Still Alive & Well…

Normally, I'm quite elated when I'm right about things (which would explain my typically 'happy' demeanor). This time, however, it's a bit different. I've been reading some numbers regarding the voter turnout for the 2008 Presidential election, an election that has lived up to the historic proportions predicted.

From what I can find, voter turnout in 2004 (George W. Bush v. John Kerry) was 125 Million (my sources are listed at the bottom). In 2008, my sources indicate the same number for voter turnout – 125 Million. This would mean that the voter turnout actually decreased due to the 6.1 million increase in eligible voters in 2008. It's of considerable note as well how I calculate the percentage. I am basing voter turnout on total eligible voters from the entire US population, regardless of voter registrations.

So while I am happy to have participated and voted in this monumental Presidential election, this data only further reinforces my notion that people still really don't care. "Transforming Civic Engagement" is one of the foundations for why I created FreedomSpeaks. Can we as a nation ever get to a voter turnout of 65% or even 75%? I can't answer that question, but I am confident FreedomSpeaks can be a significant factor in getting us there.


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