Our API is Coming Soon!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up. I have some exciting news about Freedom Speaks. I’ll be launching our API very soon! The API will have some barebones features to start, but I hope to make almost all the data on our site available through the API. Here are a couple of the features we’ll be launching with:

  1. Who Represents You?
    (Enter: Your Address; Get: Your Districts + Officials)
  2. Forward A Letter…
    (Enter: Any LetterId + Address; Get: Your Districts + Officials + Your Letter Sent)
  3. Get A Letter
    (Enter: Any LetterId; Get: Letter + Comments)
  4. Get An Official
    (Enter: Any OfficialId; Get Official + Comments)
  5. Search Officials
    (Enter: Search Terms; Get Officials)

The results sets will be pretty verbose and returned as Xml. You’ll be able to pick and choose what data you’d like to display within your application.

We’re also making available a few widgets that consume our API services. Embed any one of these widgets on your own profile, and you’ll instantly enable your visitors to take action on any issue you’d like! That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Stay Tuned!

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