5,000 Letters and Counting…

Chalk up another exciting couple of weeks here at FREEDOMSPEAKS.COM. We continue to grow and
we’ve far surpassed the 5,000 letter mark sending out a total of 5,531 letters!
We’ve also been sent our first offer for financing. I won’t say any more than
that, but it’s great to be validated with a funding proposal. Be sure to tell
everyone you know about FREEDOMSPEAKS.COM – familiy, friends,
radio talk show hosts, local news, everyone. The more letters we can flood our
politicians with, the less they can ignore us.

For everyone living in the Los Angeles area, I
wanted to point out two things:

  • Tonight, our
    founder, Jason A. Kiesel, will be getting interviewed by TechZulu at Makai in Santa Monica. The
    event is hosted by DigitalLA and starts at 6PM.
  • A very special issue has come up due to the
    recent tragedy of Jamiel Shaw. I’ve set up a special letter that goes directly to the
    LA Mayor and City Council Members regarding the passage of Jamiel’s Law. Please take a look at it and
    forward it along. Most important, be sure to click "Send This Letter Now!".

Keep spreading the word – we can
make a difference in Washington (and our respective States)!


  • We’ll be adding petititions to the site within the next few weeks. Our petitions
    will be similar to a letter, but will be sent all at once when a threshold level
    is reached (a certain date or number of signatures). Any suggestions should be
    sent via our feedback form.
  • We created a new
    type of letter on the site – a letter that targets a specific official or group
    of officials (We used this for the Jamiel’s Law letter). We will be rolling this
    out within the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!
  • We’re also
    planning on rolling out more content on the site. We’ll be presenting commentary
    that represents both (or multiple) sides of an issue and then getting discussion
    on those points of view by all of you.
  • We’ll be starting a live show once every other week starting
    next week. We’ll stream it live online and we’ll take your calls and questions
    on air. Our founder, Jason Kiesel, will have a guest or two and they’ll discuss
    the top letters/issues from the site. Be sure to check it out!


  1. Speak English Please!
  2. A Revised Approach to the War on Terror
  3. America Desperately Needs a High-Skilled Labor
  4. Illegals

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