Citizens Now Have a Voice with FREEDOMSPEAKS.COM !

To whom it may concern:

is my pleasure to inform you that a new tool is available to the
citizens of the United States. Unfortunately for you, however, this
means you will now be held to a much greater level of accountability.
FREEDOMSPEAKS.COM is proud to offer is a new online service free of
charge to all US citizens. Using this service, our members now can:

  1. Quickly find out exactly which public officials represents them at both the Federal and State level of government.
  2. Get contact information (addresses, telephones, faxes, emails, websites) for every one of those officials.
  3. Most importantly, contact those officials simply and effectively.

We now live in an information age, and it’s about time our
government caught up. The mere fact that many public officials do not
even have a publicly available email address is appalling and
disgraceful. Information is power, and it’s my mission to shift that
power back to the hard working citizens of this country. We may not all
agree on all the issues, but that is what democracy is all about. defines "democracy" as the following:

"government by the people; a form of government in which the
supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or
by their elected agents under a free electoral system."

You, as an elected official work for your constituents – all of them
(yes, even the ones that do not fund your campaign). We’re not really
happy with the way things are being run, so we’re going to take our
country back!




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