Do We Need This Excessive Waste?

So I was walking down the hallway that leads to my condo entrance the other day and I saw something that really irked me. Beside every door was a brand new, two inch thick yellow pages directory. I may be on a rant here, but isn’t this the worst kind of waste possible? Who actually uses one of these things now anyway? I just throw the thing in the trash (err, recylcing bin) when I get mine. And it seems like the company could do much better by investing all that money (think about the paper, ink, delivery service, etc.) in their online presence. That is where everyone goes nowadays to look up things like a plumber or a florist. Has the Yellow Pages heard of this new fangled contraption called the world wide web? It really is quite swell. My recommendation to the YP is to spend your money elsewhere, and save a few million trees while you’re at it.

In fact, I’d recommned an experiment. Instead of dropping off your antiquated books at every doorstep, make a big drop at the grocery stores in a neighboorhood. Give them out for free, and I bet the big pile will still be a big pile at the end of a couple weeks. Oh, and to anyone who advertises in that big yellow book. You’re wasting your money. I type in “florist, sherman oaks, ca” in google to find my nearest florist. Me and hundreds of millions of my closests friends.

That’s my rant. I’m done. Enjoy! 🙂

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