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Why We Should Boycott ComScore – Repost from Jason Calacanis

I really like Jason and what he’s done as an entrepreneur in the internet space. I like to support him and his causes, so I’m reposting his email (as he suggests) on the “Pay to Play” services offered by ComScore. Enjoy! Comscore is the technology industry’s biggest bully, and today I’m calling for an industry-wide boycott of their services. I’m…

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Go Jason Calacanis – Paying to Present Is Outrageous

I’m writing publicly here to support Jason Calacanis’ jihad against angel investment groups and venture capitalists forcing entrepreneurs to pay to present their ideas. These organizations are an abomination, and I will not be a part of them. Jason’s annual TechCrunch50 conference really opened up some doors for my startup – CitySourced, and we didn’t have to pay a single…

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